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4 FT Swiss TV Cabinet

RM689.00 RM479.00

5 FT Swiss TV Cabinet

RM839.00 RM589.00

6 FT Swiss TV Cabinet

RM939.00 RM659.00

Asimo Display Unit

RM1,669.00 RM1,169.00

Belgium Multi TV Cabinet

RM2,059.00 RM1,439.00

Beverly TV Cabinet

RM1,279.00 RM889.00

Boston 6 Feet TV Cabinet

RM2,059.00 RM1,439.00

Cabinet & Wall Decoration


Cabinet ET 6005

RM719.00 RM499.00

Cabinet ET 6007

RM1,029.00 RM719.00

Cabinet ET 60K06

RM869.00 RM609.00

Cabinet ET 60K07

RM1,029.00 RM719.00

Cabinet ET 66K32

RM999.00 RM699.00

Cabinet ET6004

RM569.00 RM399.00

Cabinet ET6006

RM879.00 RM609.00

Cabinet ET60S04

RM719.00 RM499.00

Carl 6FT TV Cabinet

RM2,629.00 RM1,839.00

Carl Chest Of Drawer

RM2,319.00 RM1,619.00

Chile 5ft TV Cabinet

RM1,029.00 RM719.00

Chile 6ft TV Cabinet

RM1,129.00 RM789.00

Display Rack

RM959.00 RM669.00

Display Rack (SOFA BED)

RM1,429.00 RM999.00

Florida 6FT TV Cabinet

RM959.00 RM669.00

Henna Display Cabinet

RM789.00 RM549.00

Henna Hall Cabinet 4FT-6FT


Henna Multi-function Cabinet 2 Door with Rack

RM889.00 RM619.00

Hollywood 6ft TV Cabinet

RM1,429.00 RM999.00

Ika Display Cabinet

RM739.00 RM519.00

Ika Hall Cabinet 4′

RM619.00 RM429.00

Ika Hall Cabinet 6′

RM759.00 RM529.00

Ika Multifunction 2 Door

RM639.00 RM449.00

Ika Multifunction Cabinet 2 Door + Rack

RM759.00 RM529.00

Kuta Night Stand

RM859.00 RM599.00

Mix Box Tv Cabinet

RM1,199.00 RM839.00

Monte Carlo Shoe Rack

RM529.00 RM369.00

Oparo Corner Unit

RM719.00 RM499.00